Leeds Writers Circle

Leeds Writers Circle is a local organisation that meets up regularly around every 2 weeks on a Monday evening to showcase local writers work and general creative criticism.

A few good things that they offer are:

  • feedback on work
  • professional manuscript evenings
  • story competitions
  • workshops with professional writers

To join the circle it is a subscription fee of just £12 for the year, and then just £2 for any session/meeting. To be fair this ain’t bad, if I was to go to one session a month over the 12 months it would be costing £3 a session….pretty good. I guess I need to head over to one and see if it worth the time and money.

The group meets at the Carraigeworks which also is the home to a few other leeds societies. These include:

  • Leeds Art Centre
  • Leeds Amateur Operatic Society
  • Leeds Art Theatre

It would be interesting to find out if there are any crossover between these societies, as this could offer up some good creative feedback, or even opportunities.

The services that the Leeds Writers Circle offers is relevant to my ongoing interest in narrative, it would offer up a source of feedback for any writing work that I do and it would be good to see how broad a knowledge and feedback I would get from the other attendees.


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