Why Utopia’s never work!

The main theme in my concept is the idea that no matter how hard humanity tries a utopia on a mass scale will never work out. This is often disputed to be down to the fact that every human is different and therefore we all want different things.

Below are a few of the places I have been looking for inspiration on this philosophy to help develop my work.

Jason Summers, philosopher, blog. This article illustrates the basic form of utopia and why they can never be achieved on a mass scale. Notes:

  • this post brings to light a problem with utopias in the fact that currently the family bond is so strong in most cases and valued in such a respective way that people naturally go out of their way to help family and friends over other people.

Debate.org discussion about utopias and why they cannot work out.  Portrays a variety of different people’s viewpoints. Notes:

  • Main issue, people never agree! For a utopia to be achievable everyone needs to agree on a single option.
  • Another interesting viewpoint, that has been explored by many an author, is the idea that a utopia can exist when a single government or body has supreme control.
  • Another theme of the debate is how subjective is the word utopia when it is defined by a state of perfection. Perfection is different to everyone.

In summary the only way it seems to achieve a utopia is to have a hell of a lot of conditioning. Throughout my development I have looked into this and realised that it isn’t something I want to dwell on. The purpose of this brief is to create a concept that stands alone from the typical dystopian media. To do this I am going to head in the direction of social utopias, and focus the idea of religion as a human implicated device similar to how some theorists see it in reality. This means that the elites do not consider themselves Gods, but humanity has created this to give themselves something to strive to. This in some respects links back to my text document looking at the TV show The Big Questions when they asked ‘Are the ten commandments still needed to give moral guidance?’.


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