Parallel narratives and conflict within the story.

For my concept for FMP two narrative techniques have stood out as relevant for the story. The first is the idea of parallel narratives, in which a story is split into multiple parallel segments that run simultaneously. In a game scenario this is quite hard to pull off because it means that you must have another playable character, which requires two or more protagonists.. The second is the value of conflict in narratives as a way to portray the issues revolving around the protagonist that are influenced or even created by the sub-characters.

For my narrative, I am going to combine these two techniques to provide a multi-stranded story that will engage the player. To do this I need a group of versatile characters to provide a variety of ideals that are reflective of their sociological standing in the city.

So the conflict is gained through the combination of characters whom all seek different things, while the parallel narrative is achieved through the way that the player and protagonist views each characters morality and the way each character tells their story to the player. So the duality of narrative isn’t necessarily from the protagonist, it is instead the duality of the city itself. It is the way that each citizen views their city and how they reflect upon this, that creates a multi-facited view of the city.

As a side note, this reflects my research on Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, which can be found here:

This creates a



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