I have been considering what I would like to be known as within my creative field. As so far I have been under the alias of Yoyos and Crayons, a name that came as a nikname a long time ago. I do like this alias but as an individual professional, and especially within the field of writing I have found that most other professionals use their name as their brand. On further inspection this is down to the name being very personal and subconsciously it adds trust between the two parties. By knowing someones name you feel like you know them more closely than you most likely do.

So, after some though I decided to stick to my name, nice and simple.

These are some domain names I played around with: – which turned out to be dating website! – as seen in my tumblr name, this is a nice variation. – this is the one I choose as I felt that it looks the nicest. It is easy to remember and it was available!


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