Current Media Trends

This is a short post about how the current film and game industries are reflecting similar or themes to what CogCore is depicting.

I have noticed that within the film industry for this years (2013’s) released titles, there are alot that are dealing with a future society. To name a few, there is Elysium, Oblivion and After Earth. All of which are Science Fiction films set in the future depicting a world where Earth has deteriorated in various ways. This influx in ‘End of the world movies’ could be a reflection of the 2012 Mayan phophecies, as they are all depicting the afterlife of Earth; all of humanity or the priviledged in some cases have moved on to conquer the stars etc.

Meanwhile in the games industry there are a few games being released this year that show some areas of social idealism. Rememeber Me for instance shows a near future Paris whihc follows a very Big Brother-esque dytopian theme. While other games like Fuse and Metro: Last Light are dealing with apocalyptic futures.

Really the industry is following a similar theme to what I aim to produce but while the film industry revels on the idea of social utopias, the games industry seems to be sacrificing the over-arching themes for more lower level character stories.

In summary I think that the main difference between films and games is the value of the protagonist. Within games the focus lies on the protagonist and how the player is immersive to the player. This can leave the game with a fairly empty player character in the hope that the player will fill the blank space with themselves. In films the focus is more on the world first and then the protagonist as a by product of the concept.


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