Characters that tell their own stories.

One of the problems I have been having with the narration of the concept is the idea that even though the protagonist is deciding their own fate through the story, they are also influenced by the sub-characters.

I looked into this when I did some research into Baccano!, an animated series about how one story can alter another story in a different time period.

The series can be found here on youtube.

The first episode of the anime sets up the idea that every individual creates there own story about an event. For instance their could be a robbery in a shop and everyone involved in that robbery will retell the story differently, depending on what they found most interesting.

A quote that depicts this is:

Vice President ā€“ ā€œA story is neither information, nor is it accumulated information. It is the result of what has been thought.ā€

In an odd way this piece of research that took place around about a month and a half ago has impacted the development of the sub characters within the concept. As all of them have their own stories to tell, they have individuality in the respect that they all have different views on religion, faith, society and politics. This aspect of the ally characters is then relayed back to the player character and they are left to make up their own decision on whom has the right moral code.

From another viewpoint the research into Baccano! also helped me to create a set of main characters that all had intertwining stories and where all linked in various ways.


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