Feedback Final Crit

Last week we had our final crit for FMP. Generally the feedback I got was good, it mainly focussed on the general concept which was helpful.

feedback final crit

Some things did pop up which have made me realise that I may have overlooked some aspects of the concept whilst I was head deep in the development. These points are the most valuable:

  1. The artisan’s design is too obscure to the other characters designs.
  2. A glossary could be a good addition
  3. 5 city sectors seem a lot
  4. will the detective be as flexible in gameplay as he is on the image?

So, in response to these now:

I have already spoken with Jade whom also got the same response about the Artisan and also the Rebel’s design. She has agreed that a change is needed for both of them and has actually already got a few alterations of the designs.

I think a glossary is definitely needed it is something that I probably overlooked because, I invented these words so I know exactly what they are. For everyone else though, a glossary would be a nice addition. Plus this also falls into my criteria of how to present my concept to the general public as well as professionals. Definitely something I need to remember for the future.

Regarding the city sectors, this is something that I didn’t expect to be commented on. I think the size of the map came from the need to have a fluid functioning open world, to allow the player to engage as they saw fit. It also stemmed through the design of the S.A.A., the ability of the protagonist in the sense that he could pick up a trail as the player explores the city and then, they could choose to follow the link back to a crime scene. This accentuates through gameplay the ability for the protagonist to act as a hidden vigilante within the city. Which would of course affect the players understanding of the city and therefore where their loyalties would lie. But I won’t get into that now. Regardless this is an important part of the entire concept, and so I am going to stand by my decision to make the city and game world that big.

Point 4 is something that I hadn’t considered at all, I’m not going to lie. In my mind the artwork and the characters written pro forma were too separate things. In some respect I trusted Jade to follow the character sheet to design the character and to be fair she did follow them to a T. So yes, the protagonist, Quade is that flexible in the game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is this sort of all out action hero, because he really isn’t that at all! He is a fairly reserved character that is a little geeky and prefers to talk his way out of things instead of going all guns blazing. So, from the stand point of promotion and false advertising I think that is something that I hadn’t considered. I definitely need to check with Jade about how she feels the imagery reflects the characters, because we were going for the over the top action poses to fall in with the theme of comical characters but if the viewer reads it wrong then it doesn’t work!


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