Professional websites

A web presence is a very important factor in getting noticed in the creative industries. IT also offers up additional info for prospective clients and collaborators whom can easily network with you online. I guess in a way a website acts as a hub for all other social media areas that you are involved in.

I have been doing some research into what I could get out of a website, while I start planning my design for my own venture into web design. I am however in a tough place as I would like to balance a variety of creative fields on my website. Not only writing, but games design and visual work aswell. So my reasearch has been into various professionals that specialise and offer other fields aswell.

On the writing front I have found these examples:

  •   This si the site of a professional writer whom offers fictional and journalism writing.
  • The site itself is very focussed on the writing and professional appearance of itself. This does put me off a bit I think I would prefer to express my personality through my website a bit more instead of it just saying I am a writer!
  • Good things about this site are the inclusion of the blog and contact info which is important for the public to see what you are up to on a more daily basis – this is also why I need to link in my twitter account and get a more personal presence on there.

  • This is site utilises the minimalistic approach to web design
  • It has separate sections for each of the authors specialist areas.
  • A note to make is that on her contacts page she has a section of text that states what she doesn’t do. This offers the viewer the knowledge of parts of the industry and remedial tasks that she does not have time for. I don’t need one of these immediately but if the time were to come that I do have to limit my time this section would be useful.

  • This site offers a more detailed look in which it has a scrapbook feel to it.
  • I think the design makes it seem personal but it also distracts from the actual work.
  • The scrapbook feel also is a nice way to display the conceptualization of an idea, which is a key part to my work.

On a  game design front:

  • This site is sleek like the artists designs. – it reflects his art style and work.
  • It is very well-connected aswell

  • features a simple three column design
  • it is very busy, full of info and events that the designer is part of
  • her book has a link where you can download it from amazon – definitely important for any future written work I do.

What I have learnt:

  1. I need to show my personality through my website
  2. It needs to be well-connected to my online presence
  3. For written work, it is good to have an example available for download
  4. Writing exercises are also useful, possibly just on the tumblr feed though.
  5. Having various sections of a website isn’t a bad thing but it can take a long time to put together, as it features a lot of content.

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