Networking Workshop

Today we had a networking session that had a focus on the upcoming Game Republic networking event. The session featured how to make networking work for you and it had a practically led approach where we were encouraged to stand up and talk about ourselves in front of each other.

I feel like the session was helpful as I have been worrying about Game Republic and some pointers from the session really made sense; even though some of them were obvious, I’m actually shocked I didn’t think of them myself!

Here are my notes:

To get the most out of a networking event be SMART – specific, measurable,achievable, realistic, time bound.

A key-note it to always go to an event prepared. read up on the companies that will be there so that you don’t waste the opportunity of meeting the individual or company in person by asking them something you could find out on their website!

Do not openly criticise someone, as you never know who you may be working with in the future. By staying friendly with everybody, you have more options to make lasting relationships to people.

Go to an event with a few or one target that you definitely must talk to. This could be someone who you admire or otherwise simply would like a chat from. If you aim to talk to them, and achieve it you will leave the event feeling better that you didn’t waste the opportunity.

Think about the question that you want to ask the exhibitors. Plan them so that they sound professional and well thought out.

After the event, follow-up leads in days rather than weeks and keep the connections active.



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