Writers Digest Article on websites.

Writer’s Digest Article: The anatomy of a writers website.

The link above will take you to a very nice article all about the ins and outs of a writers website. IT goes into detail about how relevant it is to the promotion of your work and why exactly you need to have a website in the industry.

The article features a list of essentials for a writers website, I have listed them below with a little bit of info and my view on each section.

  1. All about you – this section needs to highlight info about you on a personal and professional level.
  2. Contact Info – scream it loud and clear, in fact some of the sites that I am using as inspiration use social media icons on multiple pages as well as a separate contact page.
  3. A picture of you – this gives a person behind all the info – makes it easier for publishers and potential clients to relate to you.
  4. A press page – if you are selling a book a press page is a must.
  5. Testimonials – Testimonials offer credit to your work.
  6. Samples of your work – even clips and edits from longer pieces of work can offer an insight to clients at what your standard of work is. For this downloadable clips is best, instead of links to other sites. I reckon the best approach is using the online abode pdf reader.
  7. Buying – if your selling a book make sure there is a link to buy it on your website!
  8. Personality – make sure you let your personality show on your site.

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