Plan for Game republic

Myself, Jade and Freddie had a talk the other day about how to display our work for the game republic graduate showcase.

We decided that we would split the space between the three of us, with the main focus on the screen in the center of the table, which will have the levels on display. The wall space is split equally. We decided to have a banner running along the top to draw people to the stall. Below this there will be Freddies environment breakdowns, Jade’s character compilation and a brief text sheet that summarises the game from myself.

I will also be contributing some leaflets that double up as promotional material for the three of us. I briefly explained the initial idea for these in my FMP project but they have changed drastically since then. Instead of being about the actual game elements, they will solely focus on the three team members and feature each of our bios as well as a nice piece of artwork. Alongside this I will have the GDD on an Ipad.

I have been in talks with Jade who will be producing a leather-bound design portfolio that will feature character development work.


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