Business Cards and Logo Designs

As I am not very good with graphic design I have asked a friend to help out with the designs for my logo and business cards. The first port of call was creating a logo that I could use across all branding fronts.

logo designs logo ideasI began with these, there are some initial designs for the original yoyo and crayons that I produced then some for my amended logo, and brand.

These started as the letters ZOE fitted into the space. After some thought this design developed as you can see into being focussed on the initials ZL. It also incorporated a lighter shade of grey for the circle so that the text stands out from it.

Below is the final design for my logo.Sticking tot he theme of minimalism.

logoFrom this I have created a variation including colour that will be used for digital purposes. Whereas the grayscale version is designed for the printed business cards.

logo for web

From this I have developed a one-off business card aswell seen here:

business card planTop image is the front, bottom image is the back of the card.

This is a simple idea of a business card that I would like to have, I am going to pass this onto my graphic designer friend who will be in charge of refining the idea and design.

Ideally what I want is to have a two-tone scheme for the business card that is very minimal. This will then be screen printed down at Vernon Street in batch on some very nice card. The card I want is similar to watercolor paper in texture so it feels slightly bumpy in your hand, and is off white in colour.

I think these screen printed cards will be used for both game republic and the end of year show as they are a more personal approach to the business card, whereas in the future, when I don’t have access to the printing studio, I will probably go for online sites that offer business card printing.



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