GDD, Ipads as a format.

So, for the Game Republic event – competition and networking – I wanted a better way to show the GDD, instead of it being print based. At first my initial idea was to have it set up on a screen where you could see the GDD digitally. This was to engage the person a bit more and digital format tend to fit better alongside a video game as opposed to print. Mainly because print is perceived as more traditional and games are all about advancing technology.

After some deliberation I though it would be nice to have the GDD on an Ipad, this way the viewer can use the touch functionality to turn the pages creating a more immersive experience into the concept.

I am currently still testing the format and ability to do this, but my tests and experiments with InDesign so far are going well. It is easy to create a  document for Ipad use within the programme, so all I really need to do is transfer the content over to the indesign document. I also would like to add a background image that fits the theme of the game possibly uses the same or a similar texture to that of the game logo, just so the digital book looks more like a game info pack as opposed to a plain white background that makes the document look very formal and less interesting!


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