Under Construction

I am currently constructing my website using the hosting site Wix. IT is going well, as the site is easy to use and understand. I so far have been putting my research to the test and successfully made three of the pages of my site.

Here are a few images of the progress so far, sadly I cannot link the site yet as it isn’t ‘live’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see I have taken a very minimalistic approach that follows the same colour scheme as this blog. I decided to stay minimal as I think it makes the information given more easier to digest instead of the viewer being distracted by endless images and asymmetry. Although saying this I have used some asymmetrical sections to utilise the space I had to play with.

For the font I have used the font Neou that I acquired on dafont.com, I choose this one as it is the same font used on my Business cards and it is simple, clean and crisp.

I have been trying to keep the site minimal and clean but with sufficient information about myself.

I also utilised my personal statement for the yearbook on my About me page.

My only concern with doing this all myself is that it is taking a long time due to my inexperience with web design and efficiency. Although it is very interesting and a really nice achievement to say I did it myself.

My next step with it is to get my images uploaded and in the right place. I also need to consider taking some writing excerpts and placing them online. Possibly even record the use of the iPad for game republic and promote my knowledge of that aswell.

My domain is http://www.zoelimbert.com check me out when I’m live in the next couple of weeks!!


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