Personal Statement

‘My passion lies within interactive media, anything that requires a sense of immersion and connection between a viewer and an artefact. The main focus of my studies and ambitions lies within a prominent area of the interactive industry, videogames. This medium is a truly immersive experience for the player, as they encounter lavish and exciting worlds, meet interesting characters and in some cases develop experiences that relate and reflect their reality. Within this medium I am a writer, a crafter of stories, in which my focus is on all aspects of immersion within the concept. In other words it’s not just a simple task of adding dialogue and in-game text. I enjoy the creativity of videogames in terms of developing a functioning narrative that will appeal and entice and in turn adds value and player-connectivity. To bring the concept to life, collaborative work is often key, in which I work with a group of creatives to develop and test a games immersive values. The experience gained from working as a collective has allowed me to understand more in-depth about the technical specifics of games design. This knowledge allows me to adapt new projects with the confidence that they are going to involve an efficient yet still creative workflow.’

The above is my positioning statement that I wrote for the yearbook. I found the task of writing it very difficult as I have consistently struggled with where I fit in the industry. I think the statement sums up where I am and where I would like to be.

I am glad that I have done it because I have been able to utilise it on my website and other places to detail what I am about and what I do as a creative.


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