Social Media Presence

Throughout the year I have been slowly making my online presence known. So far I have added twitter, linkedin, tumblr, vimeo and youtube to my online empire!

Although I have not been fully attentive to some of these sites. For instance I started on vimeo and youtube paying full attention to them but as I have started specialising I have slowly left these sites as I havent had anything to put on them. I may in the future however so it is still relevant to keep the login details.

Twitter –

Linkedin –

Tumblr –

In regards to my tumblr account, I set this up to link to my website, it offers a tumblr feed and one of the main pieces of advice was to include a blog on your website to charter current affairs.

AS part of my branding I have also got a logo and style of minimalist design that features across all my online media. The logo has been great for this as it offers consistency across all platforms. I just need to figure out how to incorporate it into my actual website!!

My next moves will be to find a media site or forum that specialises in written work!


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