Evaluation, 05:08

For my 1 minute film I started by researching monologues to get inspiration of how to start and end my film, and to get an idea of what context I would like to use. I ended up voting for a scene frozen in time, I wanted to show viewers something that they could relate to on a simple visual level, but also use this as a container for a deeper, more complex background story. I chose this approach because my interest in films lies with the complexity of intricate plots. To fulfil this initial idea I had a look into a visual fx that I was interested in. I wanted to use a normal standard camera that I could slow down to make it seem like it is done with a high-speed camera. After talking to Matt from AV, he told me this was possible and fairly simple. I wanted to get the fluidity through a scene that is captured by a motion control camera but I obviously didn’t have access to one. So, the problems I occurred were mainly when I started editing with Twixtor in AE, due to the fact that I didn’t have anything tat could steady the camera as I was shooting, because it was all handheld. I think this is the main problem with the piece as you can see the image jump up and down (alongside the footsteps I was taking) when it is speeded up. This part of it doesn’t worry me though because it was the first time I have ever attempted something like this and I think it is a good first try.  Plus from the feedback I have gotten most people have praised the jerkiness of it. After I finished the time ramping in AE, I moved into final cut to put the final piece together. At this part I was extremely lucky as the monologue fit in perfectly with the altered time of the visual piece. The only thing that I wish I had done differently was that the room spin had one more slowed down bit at the end of the piece as I think it rushes from the blood splatter to the final shot of Clive (Lee).  Due to the length restrictions I would have had to sacrifice the beginning shot of the outside of the house. Which I now realise would have caused it to lose the charm of the beginning. It may just be me that loves the beginning but it is amazing, it sets the scene. Another problem that occurred was the blurring that happens when the video is slowed down. The curtains, wallpaper and other backgrounds are distorted from the crazy time remapping. To be fair I had no idea this would happen, it is definitely something to improve.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and believe that it is a stepping-stone to more motion control work in the future. Even though I had a lot of issues with my piece mainly because I had no idea of the problems that happen within Twixtor and time ramping, as I have never done it before. I would be more than happy to explore motion control in the future.


Final Storyboard

As part of the brief we had to crew on other people’s films, so I used Inonge’s digital drawing skills to my advantage and asked her to do my final storyboard for me. I originally intended to do it myself but as the deadline loomed I ran out of time as I committed to editing my film by my self.

AE Induction

This was just a session to get used to using after effects. It introduced us to basics, that we could apply to our 1 min film if needed. I chose not to use any of it in mine but it was still a good induction. The first of the session was more informative for me as it was about masking, whereas the second half was about green screen which I had previously done on my 2 minute film, Justice.

This is the first piece of video that I used AE for.

This is the green screen footage that I used.

Sadly I took the original files out of the folder I was using for the green screen footage, so my video of ben in space and being attacked by lizards didn't work =(

Motion Control

I want one of these cameras.

I had a look into videos that used motion control after figuring out that this is how I would create a 360 degree spin for my film. What I found was incredibly inspiring. Some of it was pure beauty. Obviously I found it difficult to get results like these examples, due to having to use a standard camera that had to be handheld due to limited space in the location but none the less i’m happy with the outcome, and hope to develop further work into this area of motion control.


This is probably the most inspiring piece of film I have found on the internet. Plus it molds contemporary dance perfectly with film and vfx.
Liz Aggiss/Billy Cowie/David Anderson



Editing =) second day

Been messing with the colour gradients for the film (still don’t have a name), it is looking good =) Can’t decide whether to use black and white, sepia or a colour tint.

This is the Black and White version, without the title or credits.

I made quite a lot of changes from my initial storyboard, most of the intro was changed from Paul and Kesic meeting, to shots in and around the house. So that the first character you see is Clive, this wasn’t intentional when I was filming but I feel that it was best for the film as a whole. Plus with all the beginning parts I felt that they ruined the unknown feel of the film.

Sketchbook, 1 minute film

These are the first pages of my sketchbook that show how I first came up with the idea for 05:08.

Editing =) first day

Did my editing for the 1 minute film yesterday. Got the majority done, the room spin looks awesome =) YAY!

I used final cut to get a feel for how long the footage was and how much  time I had to play with for the Room Spin effect. I used Twixtor in AE for the re-timing/time-ramping The room spin ended up taking up quite a lot time, my first attempt in AE used all of the extra space I put in for the re-timing and it didn’t have all of the footage in it.

I had a few problems with Twixtor. I rendered each version so I could watch it at full screen, this took time but helped me analyse where I was going wrong on each one. The other issue was that because I was slowing the video down to 10% speed it meant that the ‘busy’ parts of the background went crazy and blurred slightly. Plus the speeded up bits have ‘shake’ on them, which is ok considering that I had no idea what I was doing or what the outcomes would be, I wolud have liked them to be perfectly smooth but hey!

Notes on the editing process:

I have some good news.

I have decided on a title for my film =) it shall be called 05:08, taken from the monologue script. I kind of feel like this is a bad choice but I don’t think a random title that relates to perspective/view etc will do it justice. The whole point of the film in the first place was to show viewers a scene that they wouldn’t understand. With the title being 05:08 the viewer will assume that this is the time that the event it taking place, and only realise once listening to the monologue that the 05:08 was the tram that Paul and Clive met on which caused this whole series of events.


Last Thursday was the filming day for Jade’s 1 minute film, it involves me and Inonge doing a speech about racism. To think that we came up with the idea, filmed, captured and started the visual effect in half a day, was quite an achievement. Jade is using AE to rotoscope me and Inonge into one person at one part in the film, with an interesting outcome I’m sure! After finishing all three of my crewing roles, I fail to see why people choose me to act in their films!


We shot Inonge’s film yesterday. My role was one of the actors, I had to fight with Jade over a cookie =) good times. The actual filming went really well once we got into it. At first we had a few outbursts of laughter at the weird scenarios taking place, but it was all good. We improvised quite a bit and slightly strayed from the storyboard/script Inonge had planned but it worked well, and looked good when we watched it. Evidence is to come.


I helped out with Anju’s film yesterday and I must say it went well. The only problems we actually came across were in the kitchen scene. this involved myself, Inonge, Anju and Jade all sat behind the kitchen counter with fishing rope as pulley’s to open the cupboards and pull the glasses etc out. The problem was that we were sat where the glasses/ plates were intended to fall… plus we had to shoot in one take, so co-ordination was essential. After a few test runs we had the co-ordination perfect. The actual take itself went extremely well and we only had two minor injuries =) that a bit of anti-septic spray cleared up! The other scene we shot was the one I acted in, it went fairly well, although I had a hard time trying to imagine a “ghostly figure” walking towards me, so we got Inonge to walk towards me acting like…how do I describe it? It was something along the lines of a nurse from Silent Hill mixed with a Taxim from FFXIII. It was quite terrifying. This is my first crewing position for the digital film brief and it was an enjoyable experience. Although, I don’t think I’m great at acting, and I still don’t know why Anju picked me for the part…but hey it was fun =)

P.S. I have footage of the events of last night but we haven’t edited it yet, I’m sure we will find some bloopers =)


I re-shot my blood splatter scene for my 1 minute film last night (with gravity on my side!), and although it went well I may have miscalculated how much blood I needed… Now, there was considerably a lot of blood which could be a bad thing. How much blood actually appears if you get shot in the head? I think I may have a little too much, oh well, it can be a gore-fest =)

Connected, Short Film by Jens Raunkjær Christensen and Jonas Drotner Mouritsen

Got pointed in the direction of this as a reference for my 1 minute film. It is amazing. I may just love it because I obsess over post-apocalyptic environments, but it is amazing on the art direction and camera alone! I sort of hate this film a little because it leads you into this world, then literally drops you after the action ends, without showing you or informing you of anything else to do with the background, story etc. It does make you want to know more though, which is why I think I like it so much. You don’t need to understand the whole back story of how the world became a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or even why the human race are wearing full body suits that need to be connected to another human or a little gadget that recycles your own air intake so that you can breathe. This is the beauty of it. You don’t know what terrible events have taken place on the world or how it has affected the human race but by watching the film you still see that humans possess traits that we have always had, these traits are easily recognisable to everyone who watches Connected, so it makes everyone relate to it in some way or another. The most obvious trait shown is greed, one of the seven deadly sins. All I can hope is that we get more from these guys, whether it follows on with a similar theme or not I’m sure it would be a another great film.

Connected website

Filming on a sunday afternoon

My filming last Sunday went really well, although I think I realised that I’m not a director at heart! The actually filming itself took longer than I thought it would but we managed to get it all done. The only real issue that arose was the blood shot, I hadn’t previously decided how this shot was going to pan out so I had to improvise. It didn’t work. I need to re-shoot that part. I also forgot to take photographs throughout the day but I may have some video footage of it. so it should be ok.

Fake Blood and Fake Guns


The night before my filming took place I did some prep by trying and testing out some fake blood recipes. The overall results were good, but some problems did arise. Here is the documentation.

The first blood we have on offer is flour based – this worked really well, but it was difficult to make because you had to use exact amounts to make it look real.

dripping test

the colour wasn't quite right at the start so we did some alterations

added abit more red food colouring and some more cocoa powder to get this



This was the best test for this type of blood, it made an awesome splat! and it was the right colour!

The remnants in the bottom of the cup

blood spray effect



These tests worked well, especially the blood splatter. The blood spray didn’t work too well but that was because of the spray bottle not the liquid.


Next we have the oil based blood. This didn’t work as well as the flour based blood but it looked better. It also separated to make a weird blood cell sort of thing. It was weird.






the oil separated

The cat and the blood!!!






Screenshot of video for the oil blood

After testing this method I realised that the oil had blocked up the tube for the spray gun, bad times. It somewhat got fixed but it has never worked the same again =(



Finally we have the edible blood, this sounds really yummy but believe me it isn’t! Icing sugar, red food colouring, cocoa and water is all you need…

It looks so pink!

As you can see it had no consistency at all.







When it dripped into the bath it looked amazing! But it wouldn't wash away...

This test worked pretty well =) didn’t end up using it on the actual day though.

On the day of filming I chose to use the flour based blood, as it worked the best in the tests. I forgot however that it would discolour if it was on something that wasn’t white – in the film the blood gets shot onto a orange coloured curtain… bad bad times…It doesn’t look to great plus I forgot that in the tests we had gravity on our side. I think I am going to have to re-shoot that part with the curtain on the floor with a better consistency of blood.



This was a fairly easy part of the pre-production. All I needed was some black acrylic paint and a finger!

If I have learnt anything form this experience, it is this – always prepare thoroughly, and remember that gravity exists!

Monologue, draft.

I edited a section out of the beginning of the speech to shorten it down as it was  1 minute 40 seconds…and it sounded lame.


(Until the moment I looked into those frozen eyes of disbelief I had never experienced the feeling of impending doom)
(Never before had I felt the feeling of impending doom, until the moment I looked into his frozen eyes of disbelief.

And for what? Carelessness; a complete lack of concentration. It’s not like I hadn’t been warned. And now here we are, the glorious end; a viscous snowball of errors which once transpiring were only heading in a single direction. Her death was the catalyst. You never fully recover when your heart is torn from you by the mystical C. After that, your soul exists only as an observer to a body functioning on pure impulses alone. Work becomes automatic, conversation, even the marvelous elixir looses its dulling effect.
Do I have any regrets you might ask? Personally I feel that type of feeling is all too easy in retrospect. It all really came down to one event. I knew that boarding the 0508 was my chance to get out; I knew the subsequent risks involved. It just so happens that this is the way things transpired. Ah well, there’s nothing for it now. It’s probably for the best anyway…

*It was nice knowing you
* Goodbye
* Thanks for listening
* Until next time
* See you in another life

Blue text refers to phrases I’m having doubts about. They could definitely be improved for general readability.

Red text is text that I almost certainly want to change but I can’t quite find the correct terms.

This is the second draft of my monologue, it isn’t perfect but I think it gets the right message across. I love some of the phrases in it and the vagueness of the whole thing, but parts just don’t seem to fit. =( Overall it fits with my original idea, but instead of it being an in conversation monologue it has changed into a voice over soliloquy, so that the main character can relive how he got into this situation, which culminates with his death. Should both Paul and Clive die??? Just had a thought… the monologue can be for either of them but in reality it was designed originally for Paul, the unknown aspect is purely for the viewers experience. If they both die, the viewer wouldn’t know who had done the monologue, so nothing would have been resolved. But if only Paul dies it would make sense, and explain things, plus it isn’t the obvious thing, the viewers would think that Clive was going to die because of the set-up. Hmm…decisions!

Introducing Paul and Clive

Finally got the background story for my 1 minute film done. It is fairly simple and is helping loads in the writing of my monologue =) I have overcome the wall, the burden of naming characters.

Paul Borlucci

Paul is a business negotiator for a Drug Baron/Don known only as The Boss. He is in charge of agreeing prices with suppliers and arrange sales of imported goods with dealers. As part of this, Paul takes care of information retrieval from non-compliant customers/dealers or anyone else they need something from. With his excellent sales skills, Paul has a very convincing manner and can get anything from anyone, but not without the help of his brutal sidekick Kesic, who has no aversion to doing anything to someone physically. They always get what they want, one way or another.
Recently though, Paul has been increasing his intake of cocaine after the Untimely Death of his wife. Her battle with cancer was short and fatal and Paul is not taking it well. He’s getting sloppy; turning up late, carelessly leaving evidence and just in general, not getting the job done, not to mention the paranoia. The Boss summons Paul to talk. He is surprisingly understanding; he too has lost a close family member to cancer. Needless to say, he is still very concerned with Paul‘s performance and gives him a Challenge: Pull off the Big Deal or your career is over (in this case almost certainly meaning death). Paul assures The Boss he can succeed.
Unfortunately, the advice was not heeded. The next day, Paul is high again and Illegally Parks whilst picking up a beverage. When he returns to his vehicle, The Police are there and request to search the vehicle, where they inevitably find his personal cocaine stash (and with his recent habit’s, this is no small stash). He is taken is custody and is quizzed by a detective investigating their cartel, Clive Vincent. He is given an Ultimatum, give information to Clive on the Big Deal or face a lengthy prison sentence. He is to give this information to Clive on the 0508 Tram the next morning in full or face a certain downfall. After a lengthy decision, Paul decides it is in his best interest to give up the information and face a reduced sentence. He meets Clive on the 0508 Tram and gives him everything he would need to incriminate The Boss, Kesic and other key Mafia members. Paul leaves the meeting relieved and sleeps a lengthy sleep for the first time in a long time. He is awoken by a phone call from Kesic. Details of a new captor have emerged and he is to head to The Safe House as soon as possible to help interrogate. They meet outside and enter. Here, Paul see’s the captor is Clive. Then commences the Death Monologue.

Clive Vincent

Clive is a detective in the Drug Squad. For years he was suspected to be a corrupt agent; taking bribes and beating perpetrators, you name it. And he was. He was the best, always covering his tracks adequately enough not to be discovered. He was doing well for himself.
However, it did not last. One year ago, the Untimely Death of his mother scarred him. He started drinking to ease the pain, but this made him sloppy. He crucially left a incriminating piece of evidence at the scene of one of his crimes. The Chief summons Clive to talk. He is surprisingly understanding; he too has lost a close family member to cancer. As for the corruption, he is aware of nearly half of the department being corrupt, but unfortunately, he’s been caught red handed and The Chief can’t be seen to just let this slide. Needless to say, he is still very disappointed with Clive and gives him a Challenge: Pull of the Big Case or your career is over. Clive assures The Chief he can succeed.
Fortunately, the Mafia second in command (a man named Paul Borlucci) was brought in custody for an illegal parking ticket and they found a kilo of cocaine in his possession. However, the situation wasn’t as successful as Clive had originally hoped. The suspect was extremely intoxicated and couldn’t function in an interview. Clive then decides the best course of action is to blackmail Paul into releasing information about the Mafia’s next Big Deal. He instructs him to meet him on the 0508 Tram with all the information or face a lengthy jail term. Clive received exactly what he’d been hoping for; information on The Boss‘s Big Deal. In his excitement, he traveled the location of the deal that evening to investigate potential vantage points and co-ordinate raid plans. Unfortunately, he draws unwanted attention to himself when he Gets Out Of His Car to go get a beverage. On returning to his vehicle, The Mafia security take him hostage, after searching his vehicle, where they found information given by an unknown source about the Big Deal. He is taken to a Safe House by a tall Russian man and given an Ultimatum, give information on the Snitch or die. Clive gives the information, leading to Paul being lured into the trap. Paul enters and see’s the captor is Clive. Then commences the Death Monologue.

As these are the two possible characters for the monologue I have given them several similarities to simplify the writing process. The monologue will be pretty vague so that it can apply to either of these two characters, but it will have important information like the 0508 tram to intrigue the viewer int finding out the rest of the story. Oh, and Kesic (Steve Kesic) the third and final character he isn’t important to the storyline so I will do his background later. He will be most important in the film so habits/vices and this general aura will be the area to focus on.


Character sheets for the three characters:

This must be fate!

I have found the perfect location for my 1 minute film (can’t believe I didn’t realise sooner!). It’s my sister’s ‘new’ (fingers crossed – she picks up the keys today) house! It has been unused for around 7 years so it is in really bad shape but it would be perfect for the film, all the rooms are empty and it is quite eerie as the wallpaper is hanging off the walls, the floor is covered in ash, dust and dead bugs, and the fireplace is boarded up and has a sign on it saying ‘unsafe for use’. I think it would set the scene perfectly – Oh! and my sister doesn’t care if we do a blood splatter on the wall =) she even said she wants to be in charge of it!

Location thought tracking

After a wonderous brain storming sessions last night I came up with the whole background story for my 1 min film! The only problem I now have is that I need a derelict location for it to work. I originally thought of doing it on a street at night but after talking to Mike I realised this would pose problems like getting the police involved due to the gun prop. I don’t want to scare anyone half to death or be in a situation where I have to explain to the police why we have a gun in the middle of the street and are pretending o shoot someone in the head! So I am now looking for an inside location, the photography studios jump to mind! This would involve building a set though, and I don’t really have the funds needed for this! I suppose I could use the infinity curve – this would mae it look like it was plying out in someones imagination or subconscious! I’m sure I can find somewhere that is derelict for it, I already know or a few unused houses, it’s just getting into them.

The wonders of Monologues

Monologues help the viewers understand the character, by letting them hear a characters thoughts, revealing intentions or simply to flesh out a character. (Personal note character design will be essential to writing a good monologue). Anyways here is a list of my personal favourite monologues mingled in with some that I think will be useful.

Quentin Tarantino

Pulp fiction
Samuel L Jackson’s character Jules’s has multiple monologues in this film, the main one is The Path Of The Righteous Man, which is shown in the breakfast scene and the end scene in the cafe. This is the breakfast scene.

Kill Bill vol2
Bill’s defense speech at the final ending confrontation.

Reservoir Dogs
I love the way the story is told in Reservoir Dogs, but my fav monologue is Tarantino’s “I’ll tell you what like a virgin means”.

The Matrix Reloaded
Morpheus’ “This is Zion and we are not afraid” speech to rally moral before the war. Isn’t really what I want to do for my monologue, but it is a memorable speech from The Matrix Reloaded.

Requiem for a dream
Sara’s “I’m lonely. I’m old.” speech to her son. Can’t find a video of this scene alone, but if you have seen the film you know which bit I mean =)

Donnie Darko
When Donnie philosophized the Smurfs to his two friends. “What’s the point of living if you don’t have a dick?”

Rent Boy’s (Ewan McGreggor) “Choose Life” diatribe.

American Beauty
Lester Burnham’s (Kevin Spacey) opening voice over and the death voice over.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Due to the correspondence with the book’s style, this film is pretty much Jules’ (Johnny Depp) thought process whilst being intoxicated. The most known scene from this is the opening – “We were someplace around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like ‘I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive . . .’ And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to Las Vegas. And a voice was screaming: ‘Holy Jesus! What are these goddamn animals?'” Perfect opening for this film and book! Personally my most remembered scene from this is this piece of script – “Hallucinations are bad enough. But after a while you learn to cope with things like seeing your dead grandmother crawling up your leg with a knife in her teeth. Most acid fanciers can handle this sort of thing. But nobody can handle that other trip—the possibility that any freak with $1.98 can walk into Circus-Circus and suddenly appear in the sky over downtown Las Vegas twelve times the size of God, howling anything that comes into his head. No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted.” This film in general is good for monologues because they are used to tell the story as well as letting you know more about the characters.

Silence of the Lambs
Finally we have Hannibal Lecter’s mocking speech to Clarice Starling when she tries to get him to fill in a questionnaire. It is quite a shocking moment in the film because it is the first time he shows his ‘other’ side, the lighting perfectly illustrates this chilling sequence.

This research session has made me think about how the monologue affects the other character in each scene. The camera moves choppily from a shot of the speaker to a shot of the other character.

Character Moodboards

Thug - anti-hero

Character – presence of Al Pacino/ Benecio Del Toro. He is the anti-hero on the surface but in reality he is the trickster. Wears a suit or similar formal wear – shows professionalism – suit jacket undone. His persona should represent that of an intelligent yet drug addicted anti-hero, that seems paranoid due to his downfall, which is an inevitable series of events. This paranoia comes from his detailed/ obsessive side – much like Tarantino in both Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs – but he still portrays the slightly psychotic persona due to his personal background, which I can’t think of right now! Calm and collected and reasonable – the negotiator. A paranoid negotiator doesn’t work well, hence him getting killed.


Killer - Hero with no face

Character – Ultimately a hitman/assassin, people should never see his face. Suit jacket done up. Gloves signify professionalism. Much more brutal than his team-mate but he isn’t hot-headed. Always stays in control of what he is doing, the unnerving thing about him is his lack of conscience, if told to he would even kill a child. Hence the brand, his boss owns his life – slave trade? Most obvious trait is his mysterious/unknown side. He only speaks with the boss. Focused. (In Bruges – hitman that gets sent to kill the two original hitmen)


3:14 am

Lesson number one, don’t drink coffee before you go to bed.

I had a rather strange ‘wide awake’ session this morning, where I had a brain surge on my 1 minute film! I’ll start at the beginning since this is the first post for this project. I found it difficult to come up with an idea for this, seeing as all my ideas are practically impossible for film and would last loads longer than 1 minute. So, after a little brain storming session I figured out that my favourite parts of films are: monologues, those weird bits that happen and you have no idea why and the abstract pieces in film. So, I proceeded in writing references (that will be in another post) on monologues, the only one under 1 minute that I could think of Hannibal’s mocking speech to Agent Starling when she tries to get him to fill in a questionnaire. But the majority of my favourite ones where from Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. This lead me onto a Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones, Snatch) type of character, so basically an English “gangster”! I had a go at writing a monologue for a character like this but got sidetracked with how the visuals would look and how the film would play out. I decided that to make this scene work there should be 3 characters, the thug, the killer and the boss. The boss should only be seen once, if at all, so no real detail needs to be taken out here, the killer should fall into the archetype of hero (technically anti-hero) with no face – he wears a mask/balaclava or something along those lines ref, Cartoon Head from Ideal – and the thug should appear as the protagonist but in reality he is one of those annoying characters or the trickster – he cons the other too. The film would open with a series of quick ECU shots of the thug lighting a cigarette, as he takes his first drag, he gets shot in the head (cue in VFX) and all you see of the killer is his glove (thank you crit and context studies for making me relate a man wearing a glove to a professional – Hitman). It then will go back in time to the thug’s monologue (killer doesn’t speak), setting is the two characters walking down the street. As the thug goes through his monologue, random images will flash up that relate to the overall aspect of the film, not necessarily anything that the viewer will see again i.e. the boss character, this will be used to fit in my love of weird aspects in films. A good ref for this is the way The Young Ones put flashing images into their episodes all of which had no correlation to the episode or series, they were completely random. Over the one minute dialogue, the viewer should become aware that the guy who shot the thug is the killer even though the only ref to this is the gloves! Easiest way to do this would be to have the killer putting on his gloves as the monologue plays out then it could end with the thug lighting his cig…Killer pauses in 3 steps behind thug to put on his gloves, thug then gets his cig out lights it. viewers see gun, killer shoots him…THE END! =)

The Fluid Vase by Fung Kwok Pan

Stumbled across a blog about Fung Kwok Pan’s Fluid Vase. Using an interactive piece of software you can create a vase based on the motion of running water crashing into a set object i.e. a cube. The results form this are visually very nice, and they would fit perfectly into a modern household.

Video of the proposed online interface

Designboom’s article on the Fluid Vase

Fung Kwok Pan’s website