Chosen 6 images for Studio brief 1

I didn’t realise we actually had to identify 6 images from our first studio brief and analyse them. So I am doing it now!

This is my first choice because I like how this was purely accidental. the combination of indents on the stone, lighting and my camera angle has made the stone appear to have some sort of glowing writing on it. In reality it does have indented text but I really like the effect that this image captures. It reminds me of the glyphs from Assassin’s Creed.



The only reason I have chosen this is because it reminds me of M.C. Escher’s work three worlds. Like Escher’s work it shows the 3 worlds of nature – surface, sub-surface and planal reflectivity.


This photograph was taken at the Royal Armouries and I honestly cannot remember what it even is! Some sort of reflection that’s for sure but what is the red,white and black object? I like this image because it looks warped, and will forever be unknown!


Pot Man! The reason this was chosen is because I think it highlights how much I was itching for a more in depth brief. I have dedicated a page to developmental work of a possible character.

this is a drawing from a horse’s armour in the Royal Armouries. I like it because I simply love exo’s I find them fascinating! Plus, it is metal which is an added bonus – sort of wish I had developed this more. In terms of the document brief, I think it is a good choice because I can see myself using it in the future even though I haven’t applied it to this brief.

Various daggers from the royal armouries are shown on this page. For me this is very useful as i do alot of character design, and I often consider weapon designs for them. So this piece is mainly chosen because of its practicality.


Drawings from studio brief 1

I forgot to upload my sketchbook work from the first studio brief, so here are a few selected pieces!  Most of these are from the Leeds city museum and royal armories trip, but some are inspired by films I was watching at the time.
I like these two pages because they were inspired by a film I was watching called Sunshine. In a way the images that I drew were directly from the film but some of them like the crazy little eco-globe was just influenced by the film. In my sketchbook I like how they are the only things that weren’t from the timetabled session of the Museum trips.

Weapons are always good for future reference especially for character design – so the trip to the royal armories was a very useful place to go to just sit and draw! Although I think I prefer my photographs from the royal armouries, mainly because I got a little carried away with some of my drawings, for example:

This little guy is a little crazy. He was basically just inspired from the photograph of a pot with legs. I have no idea why he turned into a character but as soon as I laid eyes on that pot and his little feet I imagined him pottering around in a furnace. I like how he is so cute in the drawing. I sort of imagine him being bullied by big open fires as he travels around the world.

Here are my other pages:

A Trip To Golden Acre Park

I went to Golden Acre Park last weekend and I decided to take a few photographs for the document brief. These photo’s show the area surrounding a lake that is covered on all sides by trees. It is a really nice area, very scenic. I have used images from Golden Acre Park in the past for previous work, so I think it is a relevant place to look at seen as this brief is all about documenting things that will later be useful.

Summer Project Contenders

Over the summer I was asked to choose a piece of animation, special effects or game footage to show why I wanted to be part of the Digital Film, Games and Animation Course at Leeds College of Art. These are the contenders:
Fallen Art, Tomek Baginski

District 9 Fight Sequence, Neill Blomkamp

I chose to use District 9, as I wanted to show the use an exosuit and also the alien technology. I like playing around with ideas for unknown technologies that defy our laws of physics, and district 9 shows that perfectly. I especially like the part where Wikus van de Merwe (Sharlto Copley) uses the tesla cannon on the exosuit and it completely obliterates this guys head! I suppose the advanced weaponry is the only reason the humans are allowing the aliens, or prawns as they are refered to, to take refuge on earth. I guess humanities greed and dominance is a subliminal plot for the storyline (as it usually is), as they are obsessed with becoming alien or part alien primarily for the technology. Weapons of warfare, so advanced that if you could yield them, pretty much every other country would squirm in fear.

Leeds City Museum

A few photographs from Leeds City Museum.

I selected these images from my mountain collection of photographs that I took on the trip to the Museum. I think this selection works well together because they are all influenced by the lighting. I tried to make the most of research by taking photographs at different angles, this affected the shadows cast by the lights. I like the skeleton antlers, because the light was directly behind the subject, which casts a glow over the whole image. It reminds me of a baby moose looking up at its mother moose – actually daddy moose, he has antlers – and the sun is shining directly down into its eyes.