Compose – Influences

Finally got round to posting up some of the artists/ photographers that I had scribbled in my note book. =)

Shall we start with Andrew Priest?

This find was literally a fluke, came across his work in the early stages of my research for this brief, and was immediately impressed. I especially like his use of shot framing and composition; all his photographs have the right amount of negative space so that the focal point is clear.

Andrew Priest’s website

Even on the website , where the thumbnails are cropped versions of the originals, they seem to be perfectly composed!

On to Vincent Versace

The beauty of Versace’s style of photography is that the majority of them are meant to capture natural beauty. He doesn’t rely on anything but the camera and the conditions e.g. lighting, to capture a pure image of the natural world, this is probably why most of the photographs are of people and flowers! The section that got my attention are his digital infrared photographs, which are really stunning. HERE is a link to them.

Dany Weinberg’s online gallery is amazing. The aspect of colour falls heavily into the photographs due to them being underwater, this has been used to create eerie settings on some of them like this one.


Final 6

These are my final photographs for Studio brief 3 – compose.

This image portrays DOF. I used the lessons I learnt in the induction to apply focus to Yoshi’s eyes by moving the focal point to the right hand side. This allowed the tip of Yoshi’s nose to be out of focus as well as the background. I like this effect because the subject is off center but by using focus you are still drawn to his eyes. I chose this image over my other image which had the tag in focus because it shows the blur effect better because you have out of focus objects closer and further away from the camera.

This image was chosen because it portrays how aperture can be altered to get the correct exposure. The lighting on this piece was a very intense bright white light, without a diffuser, so I had to mess about with the aperture to make sure that just enough of his fur was bleached white. I also considered the rule of thirds, because I positioned the split between his eyes on the top right cross.

Again I looked at lighting in this image, using it to create a back light to make a semi-silhouette. I like the line of light that highlights his outline. Plus this has some focus in it aswell.

This simply shows the effect of light. It works best compared to the others, that use  the standard tungsten setting, I put the camera on outside setting for this one, to get a warm tone to the image.

I love the composition of this. I think the figure is in the perfect position in relation to Yoshi. Plus it truely shows focus, although now I’m looking at it closely I think it is slightly over-exposed.

In my opinion the best one by far is the one where Yoshi is in the bag, because it shows DOF, composition and shot framing. I think the idea of this shot is nice, it shows a toy in an environment that a toy would be in. the focus is perfect and the composition is nice as well, there is a nice balance between the background and foreground. I also like the lighting in this shot, it is all natural light and with the camera settings it gives a nice subtle blue glow that fits in with the background of the shot.

Studio Brief 3 – Compose

The outcome of this is to have 6 digital photos that demonstrate that I can use a DSLR camera. We had to choose a personal possession to photograph hence why all my photos are of Yoshi =)

Original test photos and a few from the photography lighting studio…

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A few random tests…

Shutter Speed Test

Depth of Field Test 1


Depth of Field Test 2