Realising my idea.

I did these floor plans and elevations for my characters house a while ago but forgot to blog about them. I drew them in pen simply because I feel more comfortable in pen than in Ai or Ps. Plus, this meant that I had to do them perfectly – you can’t just grab the eraser tool.


Perspective drawing

For the set design brief we were asked to produce a perspective drawing of the concept – this is my attempt.

Started in Ai, to get the basic outline.

Then took this into Photoshop to render it!

I found drawing the roof in perspective really hard so I did it at an angle that didn’t have the roof shown! Slightly cheating but hey, I’m rubbish at perspective! the 3rd dimension blows my mind.

It’s not very good because it is rushed, but I think it gets the point across.

Living Amongst Trees

In the design world tree houses have become creative eco-statements. The Cool Hunter had an event called the modern treehouse, where they got local and international arhitects to design livable tree houses using sustainable and recycled materials. The outcomes of the competition where a great source of inspiration for my house design, mainly becaue I was struggling with the idea of stilts. Plus, in my environment they would have to use sustainable materials, as well as whatever they could find.

These are some pretty awesome concepts!


Another source that I found was a site called, which hd a post titled The Coolest Tree Houses in the World. Some were useless like the ones that loked like castle but a few were really good.

This is interesting because it is the  basic shape thatI want mine to, a simple square. I especiallly like the patio/porch part of it.




Ones that are built on the actual structure/support of a tree and strange aswell. I don’t think I would ever feel safe in one, but as a concept, I like it. The houses couldbe built on already residing trees. Trees that survive off the radiated water. Mahodevall trees.

Adam Adamowicz

Came across a blog that was set up to co-exist with the release date of Fallout 3 in 2008. It has a hell of a lot of post with concept art on and I was lucky enough to find a post on Adam Adamowicz, part of the concept team for environmental sets in game. Adam describes how he used memories from playing the original game to inspire the vision of the Fallout world: “Myself and the rest of the team pored over the lore, related our experiences playing the original, and researched everything 50’s we felt enhanced the drama, black comedy, and rich vintage sci fi that make this a truly unique game. At the end of these jams, as I liked to think of our discussions and debates, I did my best to put on paper what we had reached as a consensus. For my part, I like to feel I initially brought to the table a design sensibility that also favored ridiculous rocket flanged nuclear powered automobiles, and martini swilling characters who fight mutated horrors without scuffing their sharkskin suits. When the dust clears, I hope what you see is a mutated beast stamped indelibly with its inimitable origins. Whew.”  These are two examples of the initial ideas they had come up with for the city. I find them really inspirational to say these are just from a memory of  a game he loves and a lot of 50’s research.

Architecture that inspires me.

Before I dibble dabble in my set design brief, I decided to look at a few architects I know of. All these researches link to my idea to make the house simplistic, ultra-modern (after all we are set in the apocalyptic future), open-plan and slightly unreal (emphasises the futuristic aspect). I found articles on all my references on so I will link to the page.


This house is stunning, a perfect re-transformation of an existing space, ideal for my ideas as I want the house to appear to be built at two different time periods. The main theme that I wanted to utilise though is the idea of an underground level. I know an actual underground level isn’t possible on my design as it is a house built on stilts but I like the idea of multiple open levels.



I find it difficult to fault anything within this living space. I love it. The part that I find most inspiring is the open higher levels that people seem to just sit on and watch others on the levels below them. It’s beautiful. Nothing is hidden within the structure, all is open and free. The 3D model of this house is also a beautiful way to go about doing this part of the project, incorporating scale by using humans may be helpful as I hate doing things to scale.



There is one reason this is a useful reference – it’s location. It is a modern building situated on  coast, the contrast between nature and man-made couldnt’ be more obvious. I think the is useful due to the realistic issue I have been faced with. I need to create a house for a single person to inhabit, which is of a modern/futuristic design, but its setting lies on a lovely coastal beach that lives within two sheer cliff faces. I don’t want the house to be too alienated within the scene but due to my setting of 10,000 years in the future house design will have changed rapidly and the way forward with architecture seems to be ultra-modern.




The aspect of this that inspires me is the levels that overlook other levels. The height and compactness of it is also very appealing, my design of house would need to be built in a short space of time, so it would need to be simple, clear and easy to build.

Do the houses move?

Source: Sc-Fi art Now
I think the piece titled They came by sea… by Bill McConkey is more suited to people who chose the Hybrid brief for the final studio brief, but I still found some use for it besides aesthetically. It depicts robotic elephants trudging though the sea. Why I found this piece useful well, I realised that the reason behind the elephants having such long legs was because they have to walk through the water and I assume that the mechanical struture of the main body of the elepahnt has to stay above water level. What if the Republic Cty of Grainger stilt like houses were constructed on mechanisms that allowed it to walk freely through the sea? This is quit an iteresting turn on my original idea bu I like it! My main worry for it i if I can’t or don’t have the time to esign a woking believable mechanism that would allow this, but I realised that the work of Theo Jansen could be useful. He creates kinetic sculptures, well he thinks they are actualy real organisms but I think there sculptures! His work is useful because he makes them out of pretty simple materials like masking tape and thin wood, and the joints are prerty simple. But the whole structure works becau of the wind, like the wind controls the whole thing. It is quite strange when you see them walking along the beach! They are quite clever though, he has incorporated “feelers” that allow it know when it is waling into the sea or onto dry sand! He has also developed a mechanism that allows them store the enegy they getfrom the wind in lemonade bottles! The question I need to ask myself is wil there be lemonade bottle or similar containers in the future?

Link to Bill McConkey’s work:

Video on Theo Jansen’s creatures:

First environment sketches

These were my original sketches/ideas for the environment that I did before I started my character development brief.

After a brain storming sesh with some mates we came up with this:All of this is just the basic ideas for the overall world and the city that is inhabited by Halitu. For my character, I am going to develop the house she lives in, that will have a few objects that refer back to the Republic City of Grainger, to reflect the fact that she is working on a mission to do with the welfare of the city.